The Big Robbery

The Big Robbery

A Short Film by Enock Dorestan

Logline: A man on a mission to rob a cellphone store clean of its cash finds himself with the total opposite thanks to a clever and highly skilled saleswoman.

Freddie Jarrett as Robert
Jesaia Jordan James as Vicy

Directed by Enock Dorestan
Screenplay by Jon Kohan
Director of Photography Shawn Johnson
First Assistant Director Yanta Tania Antoine

 Robert stands outside a cellphone store putting a black mask over his face. He enters the store holding a gun and tells the store’s only employee he wants all the cash from the register. She doesn’t want hurt, so she follows his commands. While she gathers the money, Robert’s cellphone rings. The employee, Vicy, notices he’s still using a flip-phone and gets an idea on what she can do to stop the robbery.

Vicy starts to question how the man is planning to get away. The cops will be there in two minutes. Does he have a stopwatch? There’s construction. Does he know how to navigate around the city without a GPS? All these things he’d have with him on his cellphone if he upgraded. He says fine with his phone, but Vicy is persistent and he finally gives in.

Vicy shows him around the store trying to find the perfect phone for him. Once settled on one, she checks him out. The cellphone isn’t the only thing she’s sold him on. He’s also got a phone charger, protective case, selfie stick, just to name a few of the items. The total comes to $900. He gives Vicy back all the money he robbed her of and also hands over his credit card to pay off the remaining balance.

Once outside, Robert stands there for a moment in a daze. He looks at the bags in his hands that are filled with merchandise and has one question stuck in his head. “What the hell just happened?”