The Storefront

The Storefront

After the death of his wife, Malcom is navigating the waves of fatherhood. Trying to make ends meet it seems impossible when it seems like the world Conspires against you, but there is hope at the end of the tunnel. 

Genre: Drama

Here is the last movie of the Road7films short series. Unlike the first two shorts of the series, The Storefront Short Film is a 100% Drama. Currently in pre-production.

Summary: Malcom is having trouble balancing his family responsibilities and his family presence. After having flashbacks of his wife, which distracts him at work, (and a very gorgeous woman that comes in the store named Mandy) he realizes that he forgot to pick up his son and rushes out. He has to deal with his son’s disappointment and dissatisfaction with their financial situation. Chase, his son, wants shoes. Shoes that almost everyone his age has (at least the popular ones). Malcom has a hard time talking him down after this upsets Chase so much. 
Malcom tried to make it better with ice cream but that doesn’t help much. When they got back home Chase throws himself on his bed and Malcom does the same. Malcom then sees his wife under the covers, walking him through how to raise a kid, and flashes back to the day she died the same way he was spacing out before at the store. 
When he comes to he is sweating and nearly crying. Chase comes over to apologize and they talk. The phone rings to interrupt their conversation. It’s an employee of the store.  
Malcom and Chase drive to the store and realized it was robbed. Nothing was broken but almost everything was missing. Malcom breaks down because it’s over. The insurance will cover the break in. But Malcom lives paycheck to paycheck and has to close down the store. Chase begins to clean up. He quotes him mom and forces them to keep going. 
Once the store is cleaned up Mandy comes back in to pick up her order and offers a solution. She saves them and Malcom overcomes his nervousness in the first encounter and asks Mandy for a date. Mandy leaves and Malcom goes off with Chase. Things are different. They are more complete now

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Spilled PAINT Short film (Winner Cinema Word Fest Awards 2018)

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