We want your creative Artwork

We are reaching out to digital artists across the Orlando area now.

Road7films LLC is making a brand-new contest for digital artists. We are calling all digital artists to produce an abstract artwork for our next movie poster "The Storefront"!

The next movie of the Road7films short series. Unlike the first two shorts of the series (award winning short Spilled Paint & The Big Robbery), The Storefront Short Film is a 100% Drama currently in pre-production.

The idea of this film follows a character called Malcolm who's navigating the various challenges of fatherhood after the death of his wife. As he's trying to make ends meet he continues to feel as though the world is conspiring against him and challenging he and his family. We per trade the struggles of single parents in this film and showcase modern ideas of fatherhood.

We are highly encouraging digital artists from across the Orlando area to produce concept artwork for the official film poster of The Storefront.

Please send all of your artworks (large format JPEG) to Ed@road7films.com for the selection process February 25th 2019..

The best five artworks will be added to the Road7 Films webpage for voting, then share to our facebook page. Voting for your favorite poster can be done through the interaction process. A vote for a poster can be acquired through a sharing of the contest, comments or postings on a public social media pages or groups.

The winner of the contest will receive $100 in a cash prize and an official IMDB mention on our professional page. A certificate of achievement will also be mailed directly to the winning artist by the Road7films team.

The winner of the contest will transfer all relative rights to the artwork to Road7Films so that we may use the poster in our advertising and promotion process and send us the source file..

Start working on your artwork for “The Storefront” today and remember to get your submissions in by DATE.

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