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Road 7 Films is a project that first began in the mind of Enock Dorestan. As an artist designer and indie filmmaker, Dorestan was responsible for discovering his own process with creating indie films and breaking into the creative world. 

With so many emerging filmmakers and creators today, Road 7 Films is an outlet that would allow him to share his professional experience to help a new generation of filmmakers to find their voice and share their work. 

The concept:

With Road 7 Films, followers can find updates on new areas where they can collaborate on independent films, places where they can learn new skills through tutorials, information on upcoming film festivals, opportunities to create and recommendations for turning their indie film talent into a career. 


If you are a new filmmaker, an actor, a camera gear fan, a writer, a director, a sound editor or anyone that's interested in indie films, Road 7 Films is a place for you. We are accepting regular contributions and working to build up a community of excellent resources for people that want to have their creative voice heard. 


This is a space to grow and to access new opportunities in filmmaking. If you are serious about taking your skills up to a new level and potentially even finding a job in the film industry there are resources here that can make your path much clearer. 

We would like to personally welcome you to Road 7 Films. We hope that you stop by and read our planned future content, take part in our community and enjoy our collective work!



740 N Hastings St, Orlando, FL 32808

Phone: 786-372-5972